International Conference:

Social Media and Its Cultural Use

College of Human Sciences

Important dates:

Conference announcement July 8, 2022

Abstract submission deadline August 1, 2022

Results of abstract review returned to researchers August 5, 2022

Full conference paper submission deadline October 1, 2022

Results of review returned to researchers October 20, 2022

Final version paper submission deadline October 20, 2022

Conference date November 15, 2022

Conference Objectives:

1. Promote media research and scientific field in Kurdistan

2. Achieving new recommendations and results in the field of media

3. Spread media awareness and reduce the negative consequences of using social networks

4. Promote language and culture of the media and serve the community

5. Enhance technical use of media through scientific research

6. Discussing the different consequences of social media use on individuals and society

7. Review social media in different dimensions (political, economic, social, religious, psychological, health, educational, environmental, technological, language, etc.)

8. Strengthening academic and scientific connection among universities and academic centers

9. Benefit from social media experiences in other cultures

University of Halabja

The University of Halabja is one of the Iraqi Kurdistan public universities founded in 2011 in the city of Halabja, Halabja Governorate.

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